November 21, 2014 Wilson McCourtney

Official Launch of Baby Blue Film Blog

I want to start my journey as a new blogger with a clean slate and a blank canvas in front of me.  I am excited and intrigued to document my journey as an independent business owner and a one man production team.  Baby Blue Film was born in late August 2012 when I decided that I needed to create a business that could put all of my work as a documentary filmmaker and a wedding videographer under one umbrella.

In this blog you will find passion and news about documentary filmmaking including my own work as well as others that inspire me (new and old).  You will also find trials and tribulations of a wedding videographer in the San Francisco Bay Area dealing with big grandiose weddings in Napa to small tiny intimate gay and lesbian weddings in a modest Victorian house courtyard in the Castro District.  You may find news and first hand experience about new camera equipment that I will be testing, renting, or shooting on a weekly basis.

Last but not least you will find news, photos, and videos about my travels around the world with my lovely new wife.  We got married on October 19, 2014 at Stern Grove in San Francisco and then took off to Fiji for a three week honeymoon where we went diving with 12 foot bull sharks, saw thousands of species of fish on the great rainbow reef, hiked through jungles, rented a car and drove around 2 different islands, saw 100 foot waterfalls dropping straight into the ocean, drank Kava with the local villagers, talked underwater cinematography with a loud New Yorker turned Fijian Photographer, took a bad ass sailboat to visit the island where the movie “Cast Away” was filmed so I could stand on the beach and scream my own name like Tom Hanks did, and rested with a couple New York Times best selling books between our legs on some of the most picturesque screensaver style beaches you could ever imagine.

So stay tuned it will be a fun ride….

-Wilson McCourtney

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