About Us

Baby Blue Film is a reoccurring Award Winning Wedding Photography & Cinematography Studio (“Best of the Knot 2016-2022” and Wedding Wire’s “Couples’ Choice Award 2016-2022”).  We are a team of filmmakers & photographers that produce highly stylized imagery for unique couples in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tampa Bay Area, and the Portland Maine area. Our main office is located in Portland, ME but we have a team of shooters in San Francisco, CA and Sarasota, FL.

When you hire us for both photo and video you will be guaranteed a hassle free day of shooting with our in house team of photographers and cinematographers.  Since we are all on the same team, we have it down to a science and there is no stepping on each others toes to get that perfect shot, plus all of your imagery will be cohesive and have that same gorgeous look across the board!  All of the shooters on the team have been personally trained by the owner Wilson McCourtney and each one has an upbeat / down to earth attitude which makes working with us so much fun!

We bring a refreshing and artistic approach to our work and we are known for our landscapes and our focus on nature.  Our cinematography style can best be described as a high production value music video with a cinematic ceremony and a hype reception and our photography style can best be described as the perfect balance between fine art and candid.  We use natural light 90% of the day and we always look to nature to help guide us, frame the perfect shot, and inspire us to create magic with your special day!

Music is at the forefront of what we do.  If you watch our films and can’t quite pin point why you loved them so much or why they gave you that magical feeling that you wanted to revisit again and again, it was because you liked our taste in music and how each cut was placed perfectly on the beat.  We dig and dig for hours and hours to find that perfect track that will make our footage sing and soar off into the sunset and when you couple that with state of the art footage and a master editor (Owner Wilson McCourtney), it’s a home run every time.

Unlike our competition, we do not open our films with a speech because that never made sense to us.  Why start with a clip from the end of the night? Why force the audience to be dragged through some time warp when you can just go in chronological order and properly tell the story from beginning to end?  These are the questions we asked ourselves when we started the business. 

We are a 4K 10 Bit Resolution Production Company which means our image quality is twice as good as our competition and we hope that you can see the difference in the color and clarity of our films and our photographs.  We are camera nerds and we spend our money on the best gear on the planet in order to stay ahead of the curve.  The beauty of hiring Baby Blue Film is that you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy your wedding day while we work hard in the background creating stunning imagery that will leave you breathless and have that modern feel even ten years down the road. 

At the core we are a husband and wife team and we have been passionate about documenting and telling cinematic love stories ever since we started planning our own San Francisco Wedding back in 2013 and our love for the industry has grown with each new couple we meet. Wilson McCourtney comes from a family of photographers & filmmakers and was practically born with a camera in his hand. Upon finishing college and working on his own feature documentary, he discovered his talent for crafting unique and vibrant wedding films that fulfill his creative spirit and make our clients blissful. Wilson is the Owner, one of the Lead Cinematographers and the Master Video Editor.  Silvana McCourtney is the Co-Owner / Head of Marketing / Client Relations as well as the Lead Photo Editor. We pride ourselves on excelling in this ever-evolving industry by keeping the most cutting edge technology as well as ensuring each client feels well taken care of with a very personal approach to customer service from each and every person on our team. This is illustrated perfectly in the hundreds of five star reviews we have gathered on multiple platforms during the nine years we have been in business.

Since we operate in three states, we have a California Team, a Florida Team, and a Maine Team of shooters.  Each member of the team has been hand selected and trained by Wilson over the course of many years to ensure that we deliver the highest quality imagery with an elite standard of professionalism that includes a go with the flow attitude and a down to earth personality.

We have 3 boys (Nico Ocean, Santiago Storm, & Rio Midnight) and a house full of joy.  We are grateful to be able to split our time between our hometown of Sarasota, FL and Portland, Maine (where we currently live).  We enjoy all outdoor adventures, traveling the world to go scuba diving, watching nature documentaries, gardening and finding new restaurants that peek our interest. We are environmentalists and wildlife conservationists at heart. We love being in the water and we have dedicated our life to protecting the ocean in order to ensure that our kids grow up snorkeling and scuba diving with a vast array of beautiful marine life.  We are inspired by environmental filmmakers and we support all causes related to protecting Mother Earth.

Check out our other Nature & Wildlife Cinematography Company here.  With Dream Reef Cinema we donate a portion of our annual proceeds to Ocean Conservation Efforts.  



The Crew

Our team is comprised of highly artistic and talented photographers & cinematographers that share our passion for the wedding industry.


Wilson McCourtney

Owner, Lead Cinematographer in FL & ME + Lead Video Editor


Silvana McCourtney

Co-Owner, Head of Client Relations & Lead Photo Editor


Woo Ngyuen

Lead Cinematographer / California


Eli Meyer

Lead Photographer & Lead Cinematographer / Florida



Lead Cinematographer / Florida



Lead Cinematographer / California



Lead Photographer / California



Lead Cinematographer / California