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About Me

Undeniable passion for film has governed my life since I was 15 years old when my dad handed me 3 rolls of black and white film and my first 35 mm Nikon camera.  I was born into a family of creative minds and raised by my father to spend all of my free time in our darkroom at home and to study the greats of black and white portrait photography like Richard Avedon, Mary Ellen Mark, and Sebastiao Salgado.   I carved my niche in documentary filmmaking at a young age with my first film being a window into the world of a socio-political revolutionary movement in Brazil which was single handedly shot and edited by me (see Landless Dreams Trailer on the bottom of the FILM REEL page). Creating this film as my final thesis in the documentary studies program at Santa Fe University of Art and Design which was later featured in festivals and used as curriculum for environmental studies classes at various colleges around the country, ignited my fire for the film industry and has kept my passion alive and thriving ever since.

I have spent the majority of my ten year career in the film industry as a Director / Cinematographer / Editor. I have worked for a wide range of production companies throughout my career including everything from well polished advertisement agencies in L.A. to tiny non-profit documentary oriented outfits in New Mexico and the San Francisco Bay Area.

I found my calling as a cinematographer / editor early on in college because I feel that when shooting and editing my own content I can become a maestro of emotions and truly transcend the footage into a beautiful journey for the audience to embark upon.  I am a natural born storyteller and I love providing the world’s unsung heroes with a voice and a platform by which to be heard.

I always start each project with sheer excitement to create the most heartfelt experience for the audience.  I also treat every project as an opportunity to grow and gain knowledge, I am forever evolving in this continuously changing industry and never tire of learning and discovering new methods and styles that will bring me to the table with all the current masters of the industry.

Baby Blue Film is my San Francisco Bay Area production company which offers professional HD videography services to a wide range of clients.  I specialize in wedding videography and documentary film.  If you are a bride or groom looking for affordable packages from a real filmmaker with tons of professional experience to shoot your wedding with a cinematic feel and a heartfelt approach then you should call me today.  Baby Blue Film is a small local boutique production company which means you get my full attention, amazing customer service, consistency with every shoot and edit, and a fast turn around time on your video.  Through my work as a wedding videographer I get to offer everyday people an artistic portrayal of their magical day which becomes a sacred family keepsake that they will cherish for the rest of their lives and for that I am forever grateful.

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